How to get a loan with SolicitaCredito?

Are you not sure who you are going to ask for a loan? SolicitaCredito can help you
With SolicitaCredito it is very simple. We will help you choose the best loan, with a price that suits your needs.
The easiest way to get up to €500,000. You only have to fill in the form and send the request, we will enter it directly into your bank. With SolicitaCredito you can request a loan  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1. Choose the amount of your loan and the repayment term.

Select the pay period and the amount you need on the calculator and request your money. With SolicitaCredito you can immediately choose the loans you can use.

2. Apply for a loan.

Through our website, you can request a quick loan. Complete the form in 5 minutes. With only an identification document and a  mobile phone, you will have access to online banking.

3. Data verification.

To confirm the data, you will be asked to enter an identification code that you will receive via SMS, attach scanned documents that allow card verification, and/or allow access to your online bank.

4. Money in your account.

After approving your request and verifying your identity, you will receive the money in your account. Depending on the loan chosen, the delivery time will vary. If you choose the services of the best lenders, you will have the money in less than 10 minutes.

Our priority: Thanks to the latest technology and our advanced automated search systems, the time you need to fill out the application and verify your data will be reduced to a minimum.tml